Mick and Harris being filmed by You Know Who

A scenic lookout to a …scenic lookout

Some Pics of Mick

Got these pics of BelAmi’s Mick Lovell in Australia in March

Mick Lovell

I know most people post pics of Mick’s face, and it is certainly worthy of being posted, but for me, its his ass all the way Mick Lovell

Christmas time is here again

I can’t wait until the tables are turned and twinky little Kevin gets to fuck the hell out of Kris. I’ll have to be happy with this for now Kris fucks Kevin

Elijah waits his turn

It always amazes me the energy that the Peters Twins throw into every sexual accounter

Elijah waits

Elijah has to wait his turn today as Kris fucks Milo.

BelAmi and a fuck in a sling?

There seems to be a lot of first coming around at BelAmi After dropping the compulsory use of condoms, bringing in American models, twins fucking and now a Sling …and more Brandon, yeah!

Hot Aussie

One for the furries

Cats in Tanks

Wet boy

Into the pool

Kevin Rides Harris

Kevin and Harris

This December 2010 episode became quite an erotic milestone in the private life of a small South African town. In the spirit of creativity, Lukas positioned an old dentist’s chair directly in an unobstructed window of a local home and set about his work with passion. For local denizens (mostly retirees), this presented an unexpected spectacle: two beautiful boys fucking as if their lives depended on it, in a series of acrobatic positions. The local milkman nearly crashed his car and, to this day, the ladies from the flower arranging society talk about the incident. I heard of all this from my real-estate agent. He was informed by the enraged homeowner who was, in turn, called from a market where the locals had heard about it from the cashier on her way to work. However, since Lukas had turned off his phone, the work remained uninterrupted.